2nd International Conference on Global Challenges in Neglected Tropical Diseases

June 25-27, 2018, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Confirmed Plenary Speakers
Dr. Marc Ouellette – Université Laval, Québec, Canada
Dr. Dale J. Kempf – Distinguished Research Fellow at AbbVie

Conference areas

  • Biology and pathogenesis of the pathogens, diseases and hosts.
  • Molecular targets-based and structure-based medicinal chemistry approach to maintain healthy drug-discovery pipelines.
  • Monitoring, containment and treatment of drug resistant cases.
  • Bench to bedside translational research to evaluate new drugs and drug combinations.
  • Socioeconomic and public awareness programs in neglected tropical parasitic diseases.
  • Opportunities to develop multidisciplinary programs and current funding opportunities

The aim of this International conference is to bring participants from North, Central and South America together, as well as from other regions where tropical diseases are prevalent, to discuss new approaches to combat neglected tropical diseases. Another purpose is to elevate the awareness of neglected tropical diseases, particularly in Latin America, as well as to stimulate medicinal chemists in these countries to conduct research in the field by making contacts between laboratories in America and other parts of the world. With the latter in mind, one to one meetings between participants will be arranged.


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Global Challenges in Neglected Tropical Diseases

Trends in Bio/Nanosciences: Energy, Environment and Medicine (BINAEEM 2017)


The Colegio de Químicos de Puerto Rico (CQPR), IUPAC’s Puerto Rico National Adhering Organization (NAO), is delighted to invite you to the 1st BINAEEM International Conference on Nanosciences. The theme of the conference is “The development of chemistry within the nanosciences in the areas of energy, the environment and nanomedicine”.

The event will take place at Ritz Carlton Hotel in San Juan,
Puerto Rico on October 5-6, 2017.

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

  • Chinedum Osuji, Ph.D., Yale, University, Polymers for energy applications
  • Charles Lieber, Ph.D., Harvard University, Nanobioelectronics
  • Shu Yang, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, Bio-inspired materials.
  • Carlos R. Cabrera, Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, Nanomaterials for fuel,
    solar and microbial cells, and nanobiosensors.
  • Arturo J. Hernández, Ph.D., University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez, Nanomaterials,
    nanotechnology based remediation
  • Jorge Gardea-Torresdey, Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso. Bioproduction of
    nanoparticles, nanoparticles in the environment.
  • Abstract Submission: September 11, 2017
  • Early Bird Registration: September 15, 2017. For registration information please visit
    our web site.


Important Dates
•Abstract Submission: September 11, 2017

•Early Bird Registration: September 15, 2017

•Early Bird Hotel Reservation: September 15, 2017


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33 CLAQ y QUIMICUBA 2018 en La Habana

La Sociedad Cubana de Química y la Federación Latinoamericana de Asociaciones Químicas se complacen en invitarlos al:
33 Congreso Latinoamericano de Química que se realizará en conjunto con el 10mo Congreso de Ciencias Químicas, Tecnología e Innovación QuimiCuba2018 del 9 al 12 de Octubre del 2018 en La Habana, Cuba.

Les dejamos información relevante en este archivo.

¡Nos vemos en La Habana!

World Chemistry Congress 2017


The 46th World Chemistry Congress of the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC-2017), will be held in São Paulo on July 9-14, 2017.

With the theme, “Sustainability & Diversity Through Chemistry”, this wonderful and historic event will link all fields of Chemistry. The scientific program has been carefully prepared by the Organizing and Scientific Committees, providing a major coverage of the main areas of interest for chemists. The scientific program includes high-level scientific sessions, plenary lectures, parallel sessions, as well as poster presentations and young scientists’ workshops under 12 major topics, including over 100 symposia. The twelve major topics are: Analytical & Food Chemistry (AC), Chemistry Education (CE), Chemistry for Industry Innovation (CI), Chemical Synthesis (CS), Energy, Water and Environmental Sciences (EE), Green Chemistry and Biotechnology (GB), Inorganic and Structural Chemistry (IC), Macromolecules and Materials (MM), Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (MB), Nano Science and Technology (NT), Natural Products and Biodiversity (NB), and Physical, Biophysical and Computational Chemistry (PC).

Abstract submission is open until Feb 3rd. For more info visit the website.

Pan-American Polymer Science Conference


The first Pan-American Polymer Science Conference (PanPoly), sponsored by the American Chemical Society, will be held in Guarujá, state of São Paulo, Brazil, from March 22nd to 24th 2017.

The goal of this conference is to promote an awareness and collaboration between researchers in North and South America in the area of polymer science that is currently lacking, and as a part of this to help stimulate the free exchange of ideas and development of new research and industrial impact throughout this large region of the globe.

For more info visit the event´s website

Congreso Peruano de Química 2017

La Sociedad Química del Perú, con auspicio de la Federación Latinoamericana de Asociaciones Químicas (FLAQ) organiza el XXVIII Congreso Peruano de Química, que se realizará del 29 al 31 de marzo del 2017, en la ciudad de Lima, Perú. Invitamos a los profesionales, investigadores y estudiantes de química, ingeniería química, bioquímica, docentes de química y ciencias afines, a participar en este importante evento.
La fecha para el envío de resúmes de investigación para el XXVIII Congreso Peruano de termina  el 30 de enero del 2017.
Para mayor información, visitar la web del evento.

La FLAQ presente en el 6to EuCheMS Chemistry Congress


Del 11 al 15 de setiembre 2016 se celebrará en Sevilla, España la sexta edición del Congreso de Química EuCheMS. La FLAQ ha organizado un simposio en el marco del evento que se llevará a cabo el lunes 12 de setiembre.

Se contará con la presencia de disntinguido miembros de las diferentes sociedades miembros de la FLAQ.

En el siguiente enlace se puede ver el programa en detalle.



Hot Topics 2017


This year’s confirmed lectures are:
Imaging Transition Metal Signaling in the Brain and Beyond
Christopher J. Chang
University of California, Berkeley

All‐optical monitoring and control of neural activity
Adam E. Cohen
Harvard University,Cambridge

“En Route” to Cyclic Peptide Pharmaceuticals
Daniel García‐ Rivera
Universidad de La Habana, Havana

Solving Structures of Energy Materials
Mark A. Green
University of Kent, Canterbury

Gas Separations in Metal‐Organic Frameworks
Jeffrey R. Long
University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National

New Photoredox Reactions
David W. C.MacMillan
Princeton University, Princeton

The Photophysics of First‐row Transition Metal‐based Chromophores: Challenges and Opportunities in Solar Energy Conversion
James K. McCusker
Michigan State University, East Lancing

Cysteine and Lysine Arylation of Biomolecules
Bradley L.Pentelute
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Steering Self‐Propelled Active Micro‐Swimmers and Insights into Biological Locomotion
Haw Yang
Princeton University, Princeton

More info: Hot_Topics_Chemistry

Urban Solid Waste Management

urban waste
Los organizadores de la Conferencia de CHEMRAWN XXI sobre Urban Solid Waste Management en Roma (los días 7 & 8 de abril de 2016) han extendido la fecha límite para someter resumenes (abstracts) hasta el día 15 de febrero.

La conferencia estará acompañada de un curso gratutio sobre ” Emerging Biotechnologies for Sustainable Waste Management” que se llevará a cabo unos dias antes en la Universidad de Napoles Federico II.

Mayor información en:

Brochure Urban Solid Waste Management