This year’s confirmed lectures are:
Imaging Transition Metal Signaling in the Brain and Beyond
Christopher J. Chang
University of California, Berkeley

All‐optical monitoring and control of neural activity
Adam E. Cohen
Harvard University,Cambridge

“En Route” to Cyclic Peptide Pharmaceuticals
Daniel García‐ Rivera
Universidad de La Habana, Havana

Solving Structures of Energy Materials
Mark A. Green
University of Kent, Canterbury

Gas Separations in Metal‐Organic Frameworks
Jeffrey R. Long
University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National

New Photoredox Reactions
David W. C.MacMillan
Princeton University, Princeton

The Photophysics of First‐row Transition Metal‐based Chromophores: Challenges and Opportunities in Solar Energy Conversion
James K. McCusker
Michigan State University, East Lancing

Cysteine and Lysine Arylation of Biomolecules
Bradley L.Pentelute
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Steering Self‐Propelled Active Micro‐Swimmers and Insights into Biological Locomotion
Haw Yang
Princeton University, Princeton

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