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  • 2nd Workshop about Laser in Analytical Chemistry

    The goal of the event is to bring conditions for holding discussions between professionals and researchers interested in laser applications in analytical chemistry. The second edition of Laser Workshop on Analytical Chemistry (WLQA – 2015) will be held in São Carlos (São Paulo) and the chosen period was 27 to 31 July 2015. For more […]

  • CHEMRAWN XX: Herbal Medicine for Health Care in the 21st Century

    20th IUPAC Conference on chemical research applied to world needs 6-9 November 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh   Main Topics: Manufacturing & Marketing of Herbal Medicine Safety & Efficacy Chemistry & Analytical Methodologies Documentation, Database and Monograph Regulatory Issues & Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Download first announcement – part 1 Download first announcement – part 2

  • PRCHEM 2015 «The challenges of chemistry for the professional educational and economic development»

     July 29 to August 1st, 2015 Ritz Carlton Hotel, San Juan,  Puerto Rico PRChem 2015 embodies the premiere chemistry Conference and exhibition in the Caribbean; it will be centered on a multidisciplinary scientific program that presents a platform where knowledge and experience can be shared with world-renowned experts. For more information  www.cqpr1941.org

  • ACS Webinar: Panorama Energético en la Era de la Sustentabilidad: Energías Renovables y Dispositivos Emergentes

    Debido al acelerado desarrollo, la demanda mundial de energía es cada vez mayor. El problema principal es que la mayoría de nuestro suministro energético actual proviene de fuentes no renovables. Es necesario desarrollar fuentes renovables (como la energía solar)  y explorarlas desde una perspectiva científica como una fuente de energía viable y segura. Conscientes de […]